The brain of Sweet Baritone, Robert has his paws in everything. All video material on this site bears his cinematic pong.

Although he’s only been on the the filmmaking scene for a few short years, he’s quickly come to be regarded as a motivated industry professional with a refreshing voice.

Studying engineering and generating a rich catalogue of celebrated sound design works for commercials and film projects over the years, Robert’s best known for his meticulous attention to detail and advantageous attitude to collaboration. He has received international accolades for sound design on multiple films and his work continues to be celebrated on the festival circuit around the globe.

Since his venture to get behind the camera, he has functioned as a director, cinematographer, production manager and editor on numerous corporate and independent projects. Currently collaborating on a feature film and shooting a documentary on Melbourne soul music, Robert’s attracted to stories that have a strong sense of adrenaline, affection and absurdity. Qualities, he says, that often induce the more arresting shades of life.

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